JAPAN’S LARGEST CONSUMER ELECTRONICS SHOW: 150,000 ATTENDANCE Launched in 2000, CEATEC JAPAN has become the largest annual consumer electronics and IT exhibition in Japan. CEATEC brings together leading companies in advanced technologies and electronics where they can present the latest developments to Read more…

The 3D Print Design Show

The 3D Print Design Show, taking place October 21-22 as part of 3D Print Week California, will showcase the design capabilities of 3D printing with hands-on exhibits and interactive displays. showcasing  stunning 3D printed pieces of architecture, fashion, interior design, and consumer goods. Read more…

Picture of a three-dimensional printer

Innovative New Printing Material

Over the last few years, advancements in 3D printing have been consistent and, therefore, allowed for more complex creations. Not only have these creations been increasing in complexity, but they have become more applicable to different industries. From 3D printing organs for patients in hospitals, to rocket engine injectors for NASA, 3D printers continuously prove to be a useful tool for countless business fields.

Picture of a three-dimensional printer (more…)